Hydrogen Technologies

Hydrogen Technologies

Many economic, demographic, social, and sustainability questions have demanded change on energy usage and mobility.  From these megatrends, new technologies are being introduced, setting a new course that will require future technological breakthroughs.

Hydrogen Eco-System Solutions

Thermal Management and Fluid Conveyance expertise to assist with industrial scale Hydrogen electrolysis, storage, distribution and hydrogen powered vehicle systems.

  • Complete sub-assemblies consisting of: Heat Exchangers, Expansion Joints / Bellows, Corrugated Hose and Tubing
  • Materials expertise: Dedicated Engineering research with a wide range of materials including specialty stainless steels 
  • Projects: Energy Plants, Hydrogen Production, Refueling Stations, Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Powered Vehicles
  • Locations: Global Manufacturing Footprint with R&D facilities in North America and Europe


With a proven history of designing high performance heat exchangers, tubing, and flexible connectors, Senior has developed products suited for hydrogen production and fuel cell applications. With leading performance and durability, we help our customers deliver their innovative technologies to the marketplace.


Senior Flexonics has decades of thermal management and fluid conveyance experience in all size ranges and applications.  Our unsurpassed concurrent engineering capabilities include the engineering of small electronic chill plates to massive heat exchangers used in petrochemical facilities. This experience differentiates us from the competition, enabling our customers to make unique products that bring higher value to their customers and end users. We have established relationships in North America building fuel hydrogen cells along with several Hydrogen projects operating within the EU. 

Our thermal management and fluid conveyance Engineers have the industry advantage of being able to access years of practical application information from our dedicated testing Laboratories in the USA, UK and the EU. These large facilities use many tools to test performance and durability as well as validate those results. This allows Senior Flexonics to design and manufacture complete sub assemblies for production ease and drop in application.  Some of the components we engineer include:

Metal Bellows

Bellows from Senior Flexonics are available for a wide range of industry applications and support companies of all sizes from start-ups to global conglomerates. Our offerings range in size, scale and complexity… from micro to mega, from prototype to serial, from commercial to bespoke.

Expansion Joint Assemblies

Senior possesses a multitude of under one roof valueadd capabilities that enable our core bellows product to be expanded into full functioning assemblies and subassemblies, thus positioning Senior as a true full service, one stop supplier.

Corrugated Tubing

For purposes of fluid conveyance, heat exchange, position offset, or gooseneck applications, our helically formed corrugated tubing can be customized to meet your specific performance needs.

Heat Exchangers

Senior specializes in the design and development of a wide variety of heat exchangers and pertinent thermal management componentry. All designs are developed for given applications and are selected based upon customer specifications.

Fluid Conveyance

Senior Flexonics has a long history of manufacturing tubing for a variety of fluid transfer applications. Used in isolation such as for an oil drain or fuel lines, or combined with our heat exchange plates, we offer expertly balanced and optimized systems to ensure customer needs are met.

Flexible Connectors

We are an industry leading supplier of flexible connectors. We design, engineer and manufacture both long/soft and shorter self-supporting flex design options to meet customers unique platform requirements.

Senior Flexonics is not a commodity supplier and have established ourselves as the industry leader in the design and fabrication of highly engineered bellows, devices and components. We remain committed to exceeding customers’ expectations through Engineering, solid relationships and world class operational performance.


  • Full collaboration with customers to provide products.
  • A fully engineered solution, from design concept through to high volume manufacture.
  • Global production facilities, 30 operations in 13 countries.
  • Extensive range of thermal management solutions.
  • Programs managed using APQP framework.
  • Comprehensive fleet of FEA and CFD software.
  • Fully equipped test lab for validation testing.
  • Performance and durability test equipment.
  • ISO 9001 / 14001 and IATF 16949 certification.


Dedicated Engineering research with a wide range of materials including specialty stainless steels.


Senior Flexonics has many projects in development, testing and deployed including: Energy Plants, Hydrogen Production, Refueling Stations, Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Powered Vehicles.

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