Engineered Industrial Metal Bellows

Engineered Industrial Metal Bellows

Engineered Industrial Metal Bellows, Flexible Metal Tubing and Hose

The basic function of engineered industrial metal bellows, corrugated metal tubing and tubing are to provide the necessary flexibility to: absorb noise and vibration, compensate for thermal expansion/contraction, or permit motion.  The industry application of these components is far more complex, demanding a thorough understanding of materials, environment and regulatory constraints to meet their respective challenges.  For decades we have successfully supported these organizations by engineering, prototyping, testing and developing new innovations to match those challenges.


Engineered Industrial Metal Bellows

We engineer individual products or complete systems for petrochemical, oil & gas, catofin and utility organizations. The Senior Flexonics team:

  • Fabricates round and rectangular metal expansion joints in all types of hardware configurations from 2″ pipe size to maximum ship-able dimensions.
  • Designs guillotines with a variety of drive modes including the patented Blade Drive Concept, single and double louvers, butterfly dampers, diverter valves for gas turbines and other industrial applications, and poppet valves for bag house internals.
  • Engineers systems for flue gas and other low pressure ducting applications. Expansion joint product design conditions include low temperature corrosive environments to high temperature applications involving gas turbine exhaust and refractory lined ducting for petrochemical and industrial processes.
  • Travels the globe providing unique engineering analysis and technical craftsmanship with unmatched knowledge and experience with metal expansion joints, piping systems and other pressure vessels.


Plant Engineering

Senior Flexonics supports many industries at the planning, building or retrofitting stage.

Iron and Steel Technology

Metal bellows, hose and damper products for the steel and technology market are of the highest quality, durability and endurance to operate at extreme temperatures. Our products can be found in steel mills, industrial furnaces, electric blast furnaces and continuous casting plants.

Product Applications:

    • Lance hose oxygen and / or water cooling of the lance
    • High-pressure tubes
    • Electric blast furnaces
    • Engineered Industrial Metal Bellows
    • Coal dust injection
    • Dampers

Chemicals / Petrochemicals

Senior Flexonics is a well respected innovator and industry leader of high temperature industrial expansion joint applications. With decades of experience, we understand strict industry regulations, compliance, and environmental protection.

Product Applications:

    • Round and rectangular metal expansion joints in all types of hardware configurations from 2″ pipe size to maximum ship-able dimensions.
    • Jacket hoses
    • Metal hoses and expansion joints with PTFE lining
    • High pressure hoses
    • Heat tracing

Machinery / Equipment Construction

Senior Flexonics provides precision and high quality bellows, and flexible hoses for all types of media-carrying pipes used in various machinery and equipment. All our flexible metal tubes, bellows and expansion joints are durable, reliable and made with high-quality workmanship.

Nuclear Industry

Senior Flexonics offers engineered industrial metal bellows for fuel cells engineered of various materials to meet your design specifications. We offer all types of flanges and connectors to complete the system for install.

Wood / Glass / Paper Industry

Senior Flexonics offers flexible hoses, and corrugated tubing for all types of liquid and gaseous media including highly corrosive applications. These can be engineered of various materials to meet your design specifications. We offer all types of flanges and connectors to complete the system for install.

Product Applications:

    • Metal hoses with optimized convolution profile or with flow-optimized inner strip-wound hose
    • Expansion joints with inner guiding sleeve
    • High-pressure hoses

Supply Contractors / Energy Technology

Energy supply and technology is of utmost importance for the environment.  Senior Flexonics products help maximize the useful energy by minimizing the energy loss in the generation of energy.

Liquid Natural Gas (LNG)

Senior Flexonics provides various solutions transporting LNG to increase service life and safety. Our single and multi-walled corrugated stainless steel tubes prevent the leakage of gas when filling or draining.  The addition of stainless steel braiding further helps our flexible tubing withstand the harshest conditions and corrosion. They are also isolated so that the risk of fire damage and the conversion of liquid back into natural gas is prevented.

Vacuum Industry

Maximum purity is critical to maintain. Senior Flexonics uses material-preserving production and purification methods, which provide the required purity in vacuum technology. Subsequent product assembly and tests are separated organizationally and spatially. We are happy to develop customized solutions for your specialized requirements.


Senior Flexonics’ durable products are used in the full range of rail technology and rail vehicles. Our flexible and gastight metal bellows elements and metal hoses are in use by the exhaust pipe on the fuel line up to the safe transport in hydraulic systems.

Product Applications:

    • Transformers
    • Cooling systems
    • Air conditioning
    • Brake systems
    • Exhaust systems
    • Engine / hydraulic lines


Single Metal Expansion Joints

Offered in sizes ranging from 2″ to 144″, Single Metal Expansion Joints AS have one bellows. Axial compression and extension, lateral and angular movement can be accommodated. These metal expansion joints do not restrain the internal pressure thrust. The piping designer must provide the system with separate anchoring and guiding to resist the pressure thrust. Where small thermal movements are involved and proper anchoring and guiding is feasible, a single metal expansion joint is the most economical installation.Engineered Industrial Metal Bellows - Senior Flexonics Single Expansion Joints

Tied Single AT Metal Expansion Joints also have one bellows, except the overall length is restrained by tie rods designed to contain pressure thrust. A tied single is usually designed for lateral offset so that the tie rods can remain fully engaged and loaded with the pressure thrust force. A two tie rod design can accept angular deflection in a single plane.

Universal Metal Expansion Joints

Universal AU Metal Expansion Joints consist of two metal bellows separated by a pipe spool. This configuration accommodates large lateral movements, in addition to axial compression and extension and angular deflection. These metal expansion joints have no restraints to resist pressure thrust and like the singles, the piping designer must provide separate anchoring to handle pressure thrust.Engineered Industrial Metal Bellows - Senior Flexonics Universal Expansion Joints

Universal Tied, AUT Metal Expansion Joints contain two bellows separated by a pipe spool and tie rods designed to contain the pressure thrust force. These expansion joints are generally designed to accommodate lateral movement only. A universal expansion joint can be designed to have a very low lateral spring force to minimize forces on adjacent equipment. A two tie rod design can also accept angular deflection in a single plane.

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X Press Metal Expansion Joints

Pressure Balanced Metal Expansion Joints are devices which produce no pressure thrust forces in the piping system on the main anchors. In addition to eliminating the pressure thrust, the expansion joint can accept axial compression, axial extension, lateral and angular movements. The balancing thrust is created by using a balancing bellows.Engineered Industrial Metal Bellows - Senior Flexonics Expansion Joints

Pressure Balanced Elbows are metal expansion joints which can consist of a single or double bellows in the flow section, and a balancing bellows of equal area on the back side of the elbow. Tie rods attach the outboard end of the balancing bellows to the outboard end of the flow bellows. Under pressure the tie rods are loaded with the pressure thrust force. If the flow bellows compresses in service, the balancing bellows extends the same amount without exposing the adjacent anchors to pressure thrust forces. However, the spring forces associated with bellows movements are imposed on the adjacent equipment. A pressure balanced elbow type expansion joint can accept axial compression, axial extension, lateral movements and very limited angular motion.

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Senior Flexonics upstream activities include durable precision machined parts to aid in the exploration, drilling and production of petroleum or gas.

Our customers are well known leaders in the oil and gas industry and our products are trusted by them to perform in remote locations around the world. Senior Flexonics has earned this trust because we understand that our components must meet the inherent challenges of operating in these extreme conditions. For decades, our Engineers have worked closely with these customers and supported them by engineering, testing and manufacturing innovative customized components used in downhole drilling and data logging.

  • Artificial Gas Lift Bellows – Materials include: Monel 400, Inconel 625, Inconel 718, Hastelloy C276 in 5/8″, 1″, 1.5″.
  • Bellows for Downhole Datalogging
  • Downhole Drilling
  • Gas Lift Valves– Compressor and pump flexible connections, Expansion Joints, Aneroid assemblies.



Senior Flexonics upstream activities include durable precision machined parts to aid in the exploration, drilling and production of petroleum or gas.

Product Applications:

    • Artificial Gas-Lift Bellows
    • Bellows & Seals
    • Engineered Industrial Metal Bellows Assemblies
    • Valve Stem Bellows Assemblies


Expansion joint solutions as required for the transportation and storage of oil and gases.

Product Applications:

    • Engineered Industrial Metal Bellows & Assemblies
    • Bellows & Seals
    • Metal expansion joints in all types of hardware configurations


Senior Flexonics is recognized as the lead innovator for high temperature industrial expansion joint applications.  Thanks to many years of experience and cooperation in the chemicals / petrochemicals industrial sector, you can profit from our extensive expertise at Senior Flexonics. The latest production technologies guarantee you products which are safe and of high quality.  Reliable compliance with strict industry regulations, and particularly environmental protection, is a matter of course for our products. Senior Flexonics has always been a reliable partner for product definitions and the formulation of standards such as gap and burr-free connections and double-walled safety pipes.  Please see our detailed expansion joint examples above in large industrial expansion joints above.  We also offer world-wide Emergency service.


Artificial / Gas Lift Bellows

As a major supplier to the oil and gas industry, our gas lift bellows are competitively priced and built with the strength and quality demanded by the industry. Senior Flexonics offers gas lift bellows in standard 1” and 1-1/2” Monel bellows, but we also have the capability to offer customized solutions utilizing materials such as Inconel. Senior Flexonics checks these bellows to ensure 100% integrity of the multiple plies and edge weld.

Engineered Industrial Metal Bellows for Downhole Datalogging


Engineered Metal Bellows for Downhole Datalogging

Downhole drilling and data logging is an extremely tough environment for metal bellows. Senior Flexonics manufactures artificial gas-lift stem bellows, seals, and assemblies designed to withstand the demands of the oil and gas industry. Our bellows offer incredible fatigue and corrosion resistance and are further designed to handle high temperatures and pressures. All oil and gas products undergo the highest level of testing and quality control to ensure that these systems always perform well under these severe conditions.

Engineered Metal Bellows for Downhole Drilling

Senior Flexonics is committed to developing oil and gas products through our experienced staff, advanced engineering and state of the art technology and testing. Senior Flexonics has developed manufacturing techniques so that all of our products are designed and manufactured to meet and exceed the strictest industry standards to always meet our customers’ requirements world-wide.  Senior Flexonics offers precision machining and electro-mechanical assembly of parts to many of the world’s leading Oilfield Services companies for various applications.  We provide: Packer, Liner and Hanger parts, Completion Tools, Safety Valves, Measurement While Drilling (MWD) tools, and Wireline & Perforating of Directional tools.

Valve and Actuator Products

Senior Flexonics offers precision machining of parts to the world’s leading Valve and Actuator companies. These components are machined from castings or solid alloys and then assembled in the valve and actuator.  Parts include: cage, stem & plug, pinion, bonnets, housings, and end caps.




Engineered Industrial Metal Bellows - Medical Bellows, Heat Exchangers, Tubing and Hose

As early as 1902, Senior Flexonics, then known as “Chicago Tubing & Braiding Co.”, was closely tied to medical devices, specifically for the dental industry by developing a process to braid rubber tubing with silk and cotton yarn. From this 100 year legacy, we understand that the manufacturer of a medical device has unique needs that are critical when the product is reviewed. As part of our accomplishments, we have worked closely with our customers to develop components used in medical procedures such as bypass surgery, cardiovascular ablation and endoscopic surgery by providing them with various products including flexible metal tubing, medical grade cooling coils, and custom heat exchangers.

  • Blood Heat Exchangers
  • Adult/Infant Oxygenator Bellows
  • Coronary Perfusion
  • Whole-body Perfusion Heat Exchangers
  • Medical Grade Cooling Coils
  • Flexible Metal Tubing

Manufacturers of Medical Devices must ensure they meet all national standards for safety and compliance in the country they wish to market their products. Different national legislative bodies such as the FDA, MHRA, TPD and European Commission all are united in their goals for the utmost in patient care and benefit, but they are not harmonized, meaning a product has to go through an approval process for each legislative body separately.

To support our customers in these different markets we maintain clean room manufacturing operations where the highest procedural levels of cleanliness are observed and validated to ensure ongoing compliance. All our components are assembled into medical devices prior to sterilization.



Senior Flexonics Hose

Senior Flexonics manufactures and supplies bellows, stainless steel braided hose, tubing, expansion joints and fittings where product purity and compliance are critical. Our products are used throughout the entire production process from raw material processing to final packaging. Our products are used in pharmaceutical facilities, food processing plants, wineries, and breweries across the country.

  • Process Heat Exchangers
  • Bellows / Expansion Joints
  • Corrugated Tubing
  • Stainless Steel Braided Hose
  • Food Grade Tubing
  • All Fittings and Connectors


Plant Engineering

Senior Flexonics has supported the pharmaceutical / Food and Beverage industries throughout many different project stages including: planning, building or retrofitting. We have worked with many different design and build companies by offering solutions in the secure transit of various media.

Product Application:

    • Wine, Brewing and Food Processing
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Fertilizers

Technical Gases

Senior Flexonics are specialists in routing media (liquids, gas or air) including environments or situations of: high pressure, low or high temperatures, high flow rate or in a vacuum. All hose and tube products are available with all necessary fittings and connections for ease of installation.

Product Applications:

    • Liquid Cylinder and Vacuum Insulated Hoses
    • Flow Products
    • Welding and Compressed Gas Fitting Products
    • Vacuum Insulated Pipe


Senior Flexonics has been supplying the cryogenic and compressed gas industry for decades by custom designing and building special products such as manifolds, bulk transfer hoses, vacuum insulated pipe and hose, and metallic or PTFE pigtails.

Product Applications:

    • Bulk Transfer Hoses
    • Custom Manifolds
    • Cylinder Pigtails
    • Liquid Cylinder and Vacuum Insulated Hoses


Senior Flexonics is the leader in advanced flexible corrugated metal hose engineering. We have an unrivaled reputation for the design, manufacture, and supply of high quality corrugated metal hose and strip-wound metal hose products to a broad sector of manufacturing and process industries. Our experience dates back to the invention of flexible metal hose more than 100 years ago, coupled with considerable investment in plant, test facilities, and expertise, ensure products of the highest quality that meet the most stringent demands of flexibility and pressure tightness.  Senior Flexonics are able to engineer custom products for special applications.  The following are a few examples of our common industrial hose products:

Series 100 Stainless Steel Hose: Senior Flexonics’ Series 100 metal hose is our most popular and best selling metal hose. Made with a unique oil-free process, Senior Flexonics produces the cleanest assemblies in the industry.

Series 200 Bronze Hose: A heavy weight annular hose available in either standard or close pitch with bronze braid.

Series 300 Stainless Steel Braid: 

Series 500 Monel® Hose: Specifically designed for chlorine transfer as well as hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acid applications. Exceeds “Recommended Specifications for Chlorine Transfer Hoses”.

Series 600 Inconel® Hose: Senior Flexonics Series 600 Inconel® 625 annular corrugated hose, available with Inconel® 625 braid or standard T321 stainless steel braid offers superior corrosion resistance.

Series 700 High Pressure Stainless Steel Hose: Senior Flexonics Series 700 hose is a high-pressure, heavy weight, T316L stainless steel, flexible, annular formed, corrugated metal hose.

Series 750 High Pressure Stainless Steel Hose: Senior Flexonics Series 750 hose is a helical close pitch T-316L stainless steel hose.

Series 800 Ultra High Pressure Stainless Steel Hose: Senior Flexonics Series 800 is an ultra heavy weight annular formed T316L stainless steel close pitch hose with two layers of directly braided T321 stainless steel wire braid.

Series 850 Ultra High Pressure Stainless Steel Hose: Senior Flexonics Series 850 is an ultra heavy weight annular formed T316L stainless steel close pitch hose. Learn More

Series 900 Ultra High Pressure Stainless Steel Hose: T-321 and T-316L Annular Close Pitch Stainless Steel Hose,

HVAC / R (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning / Refrigeration)

Engineered Industrial Metal Bellows by Senior Flexonics

Heating and Cooling for all types of building systems.

Senior Flexonics products are found throughout the entire range of HVAC and Refrigeration solutions. Starting with heating systems, gas pipes and gas boilers to building water supply and complete sanitary facilities to cooling ceiling systems and solar energy.  Senior Flexonics corrugated tubing, fabric and metal bellows, and flexible connections are known for their high-quality and durability.  Contact us, we will develop flexible solutions together with you.

  • Nuclear valve secondary containment
  • Gate
  • Globe
  • Pressure Relief


Heating System Manufacturer

Senior Flexonics provides pressure resistant storage tank connections. These were developed to minimize heat loss with special insulated connections to meet the strictest energy saving requirements. These designs transport heating water quietly with minimal pressure loss.  Also, our diffusion-proof design also prevents the entry of oxygen to protect the system against corrosion.  All flexible tubing connectors were made available to complete the design for installation.

Building Water Supply

Drinking water pipes have to fulfil the strictest criteria. All water-carrying parts of the flexible Senior Flexonics water supply lines are made of standardized stainless steels with an extremely smooth inner surface ensuring maximum hygiene.

Gas Heaters

Gas heater gas pipes must be permanently safe. Senior Flexonics pipe components are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and are constructed individually.  Senior Flexonics adapts the pipe components to the installation area of the corresponding system. These device side tube sections give the installer the exact flexibility he needs during installation to compensate for small inaccuracies without the need for on-site welding or soldering.  This simplifies the installation and time.

Solar Technology

Weather-resistant connections optimally coordinate solar plants and building technology.  Through our specially designed connections, solar plants and building technology work together perfectly. They are extremely temperature-resistant and equipped with a weather-resistant insulation. In this way, they compensate for thermal expansion and reduce heat loss to a minimum. All components are adapted to the specific requirements of your collectors. Installation then follows safely, easily and quickly.

The elements are pre-shaped according to your needs and provided with screw and plug connectors, as well as side ventilation. Special feature: The consistent development of hydraulically molded ends prevents any heating in the terminal area, which could result in a change in structure resulting in longer life and added safety.

Cooling Ceiling Systems

Ceiling cooling systems provide even room temperatures in both summer and winter.  High-quality Senior Flexonics tubes supply cooling ceilings and wall heating systems. Integrated solutions guarantee proper function and help you save energy. All systems can be designed and customized to your needs.

Sprinkler Systems

Senior Flexonics provides sprinkler systems for numerous public buildings, industrial plants, garages, office buildings and in shipping.

Solar Cooling

Senior Flexonics’ corrugated pipes are used as a solar connectors and for the hydraulic connection between the tank and the cooling unit.

Heat Pumps

The vapour-tight stainless steel corrugated pipes from Senior Flexonics are used in the interior of heat pumps for transporting liquids and gases. Our stainless steel corrugated pipes are adapted to the flow conditions of your heat pump. This means that less pumping power is required and the seasonal performance factor is improved.


Compensators and Flexible Connectors:

Senior Flexonics is recognized as a leader in the metal expansion joint industry. Our leadership has been earned through consistent application of solid engineering principles, stringent quality standards and product innovation to produce safe and reliable metal expansion joints and flex connectors for HVAC piping and ducting applications.

Normal Corr

Normal Corr expansion joints employ a standardized bellows design ideally suited for general industrial applications. Offered with flanges or butt weld ends from 3” to 48” nominal diameter for design pressures to 300 psig at 650°F.

High Corr

High Corr bellows are hydraulically formed to produce superior fatigue life and maximum strength for severe service applications. This product provides an excellent means of absorbing large pipe motions (up to 7 1/2”). High corr bellows are available in two styles:

Free Flexing

Free Flexing expansion joints are widely used in process and steam piping applications to 50 psig. In addition, the Free Flexing expansion joint is recommended for compressor connections, engine intake and exhaust piping, ventilation and pump suction or discharge lines.

Controlled Flexing

Controlled Flexing expansion joints combine the Free Flexing bellows design with mated neck rings and control rings between each convolution. This rugged construction reinforces the bellows for higher pressure applications. With an external cover this expansion joint provides a high degree of safety for the most severe operating conditions.

Externally Pressurized Expansion Joints

Externally Pressurized expansion joints have a heavy duty packless design that enables this product to accommodate large amounts of axial motion at high pressure without the risk of bellows squirm. Limited to axial movement only, the bellows is fully enclosed within an outer shell which is constructed of standard weight pipe, offering the highest degree of protection for the bellows and personnel. External insulation may be added directly over the outer shell. This expansion joint design also permits direct burial.

Exhaust Flexible Connectors

Exhaust Flexible Connectors are designed for low pressure applications such as stationary and marine gas turbine, diesel engine exhaust, and low pressure ducting. Large motion capability, low spring forces and reduced weight make this product ideally suited for thin-wall duct systems.

Expansion Compensators

Expansion Compensators provide the inherent performance benefits and safety features of the externally pressurized expansion joint design in a compact package. Intended primarily for steam supply and condensate return lines, as well as hot and chilled water piping, this product is suitable for any small diameter axial expansion application.

Senior Flexonics Expansion Joints

Flexible Metal Pump Connectors

Flexible Metal Pump Connectors reduce stresses at piping connections to sensitive rotating equipment such as pumps and compressors. Capable of absorbing thermal growth, piping misalignment, vibration and noise, pump connectors offer extended service life for all rotating equipment.

Senior Flexonics Engineered Industrial Metal Hose

Rubber Expansion Joints

Rubber Expansion Joints can also be used for similar applications as the Flexible Metal Pump Connector in a non-metallic construction. They are ideally suited for noise reduction in piping systems.

Senior Flexonics Rubber Expansion Joints

Pipe Alignment Guides

Pipe Alignment Guides are an essential component of any properly designed piping system that employs expansion joints. These guides permit axial motion, while restricting lateral, angular and bowing movements. Learn more about Pipe Alignment Guides
Specialty Products
Specialty Products including Slip Pakt Expansion Joints, Non-Metallic Expansion Joints, and Pressure Relief/Safety Valve Connectors. More information and technical data may be obtained by consulting the factory.

Pressure Relief / Safety Valve Connectors

Senior Flexonics manufactures and markets Engineered industrial metal bellows and is recognized as the leader in the expansion joint industry. Our global leadership has been earned through consistent application of solid engineering principles, stringent quality standards, and product innovation to produce safe and reliable metal expansion joints for all types of piping applications.

Our skilled staff specializes in pipe motion technology and has an in-depth understanding of the critical nature of expansion joint applications. As the most experienced metal expansion joint manufacturer in North America, Senior Flexonics understands the demands that many customers face, and can offer solutions for pipe motion problems found in many industries.

Engineered Industrial Metal Bellows

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