Thermal Management and Fluid Conveyance Expertise for energy industries

Thermal Management and Fluid Conveyance Expertise for the Energy Industry 

Electrical Energy is largely created using turbines to drive generators. Different types of turbines include steam turbines, combustion (gas) turbines, hydroelectric turbines, and wind turbines.  Solar trough and photovoltaic (PV) collection systems, hydrogen fuel cells and internal combustion engines are also utilized. Senior Flexonics serves our power generation clients by applying our thermal management and fluid conveyance expertise to these various energy creation methods.


We support many different types of energy technologies that require components customized to exact specifications.

  • Electricity creation, storage and transmitting solutions 
  • Nuclear, Hydro, Wind, Solar, Hydrogen, Gas and Coal 
  • Fuel Cells – Stainless Steel sub-assemblies and heat exchangers
  • Vacuum/semiconductors
  • Utilities – Vacuum Interrupters, Vacuum Breakers for fault detection


Nuclear energy offers a low-carbon energy solution when compared to fossil fuels. Senior Flexonics has been and is involved with the nuclear industry from plant – life extensions to new small modular reactors (SMR). In many nuclear applications heat is generated through the nuclear reaction of fuel rods with water, which creates steam to drive turbines. Senior Flexonics supplies bellows expansion joints for critical equipment in the reactor units.  Exact tolerances and leak containment are required to withstand temperature fluctuations and pressure.


Solar, wind and other renewable energy market demands competitive, quality components world-wide. For years, Senior Flexonics has worked closely with these manufacturers in the renewable energy market to develop customized fuel cell and solar components that meet or exceed the many concerns related to elevated operating temperatures and high volume production. Senior Flexonics` experience with high-temperature alloys, welding, brazing and component assembly allows Senior Flexonics to design and manufacture products such as custom heat exchangers, flexible metal tubing and hoses, and recuperators that meet the strictest industry requirements. All renewable energy products undergo the highest level of testing and quality control to ensure that our customers systems perform under severe conditions.


  • Fuel Cells
  • Solar Energy


  • Custom Heat Exchangers
  • Flexible Metal Tubing & Hose


Our stationary Fuel Cells (SOFC and PEM) and Battery Farm component advancements are in use today in many locations around the world.  Fuel cells and battery farms all require consistent temperatures to prevent thermal loading.  To solve this problem our heat exchangers maintain the proper temperature range.

One application of fuel cell technologies are cloud-based data centers.  Often these centers are located in remote areas relying on generating their own electricity through fuel cell technologies or battery farms.

 Learn more about our Hydrogen Fuel Cells



We are an industry leader in the design and fabrication of highly engineered bellows devices and we continually invest in our engineering capabilities increasing our value to our clients and their customers.  We have decades of experience with specialized high-temperature alloys and manufacturing processes that require forming, welding, brazing, soldering, bending and machining of these materials. For our power generation customers, we manufacture custom heat exchangers, flexible metal tubing and hose, fuel nozzle bellows and recuperators.  We compliment our engineering and fabrication with complete installation and in-field repairs.

Fuel Nozzle Metal Bellows & Assemblies

Fuel nozzle bellows are used in many applications including land-based turbines and micro-turbines. Senior Flexonics has expertise in welding and forming thin-wall, corrosion resistant, high temperature alloys to meet these high temperature performance requirements. This capability has been leveraged from our extensive history at expansion joint design and the analytical validation for all types of operating environments.

Expansion Joint Assemblies

Senior possesses a multitude of under one roof value add capabilities that enable our core bellows product to be expanded into full functioning assemblies and subassemblies, thus positioning Senior as a true full service, one stop supplier.

Corrugated Tubing

For purposes of fluid conveyance, heat exchange, position offset, or gooseneck applications, our helically formed corrugated tubing can be customized to meet your specific performance needs.

Heat Exchangers

Senior specializes in the design and development of a wide variety of heat exchangers and pertinent thermal management componentry. All designs are developed for given applications and are selected based upon customer specifications.

Fluid Conveyance

Senior Flexonics has a long history of manufacturing tubing for a variety of fluid transfer applications. Used in isolation such as for an oil drain or fuel lines, or combined with our heat exchange plates, we offer expertly balanced and optimized systems to ensure customer needs are met.

Flexible Connectors

We are an industry leading supplier of flexible connectors. We design, engineer and manufacture both long/soft and shorter self-supporting flex design options to meet customers unique platform requirements.


Vacuum Capacitors

Vacuum Capacitors are used in high voltage applications. This variable capacitor is used for many purposes that require tuning such as a matching network in the fabrication of semiconductor chips and flat panel displays. This unique design uses a high vacuum as its dielectric instead of air or non-conductive materials. Some of the most common applications are antenna coupling, semiconductor wafer fabrication, RF matching circuits, Pulse shaping circuits, Power amplifier tank circuits, and for Non-magnetic circuits for MRI.

Vacuum Capacitor Bellows

Senior Flexonics copper plated vacuum capacitor bellows are used in vacuum sealed applications, primarily for impedance matching within an electrical system or network. They are ideal for hermetically sealed applications that require high voltage & high currents. These are also well suited for handling high frequencies.  Advantages include material selection and Very High Elongation (VHE) bellows hydroforming process ensures the longest possible bellows stroke life for any given size. Our unique copper plating process produces an industry leading consistency in plating thickness over the entire bellows, including both crests and roots. This leads to higher reliability and also helps promote longer average bellows life. Masking of the copper plating on terminating ends of the bellows is also possible. Mating fittings can be brazed and leak tested on-site.

Vacuum Interrupter/Breaker

The vacuum Interrupter/Breaker acts as a switch with its contacts in a high vacuum. When the electrical contacts are separated it creates a vapor arc, which is quickly extinguished. Some typical applications for vacuum interrupters include: medium and high voltage circuit breakers, load switching, power transmission, power-distribution, industrial plants, and arc furnace applications. Vacuum Breakers are now being increasingly utilized at transmission class voltages. The vacuum interrupters in these breakers require considerably longer strokes i.e. open gaps as compared to those in medium voltages. Also the closing and opening speeds are higher. This requirement of longer strokes and higher velocity calls for a special design of bellows and the end components of the vacuum interrupters.

Senior Flexonics is not a commodity supplier and have established ourselves as the industry leader in the design and fabrication of highly engineered bellows, devices and components. We remain committed to exceeding customers’ expectations through Engineering, solid relationships and world class operational performance.


  • Full collaboration with customers to provide products.
  • A fully engineered solution, from design concept through to high volume manufacture.
  • Global production facilities, 30 operations in 13 countries.
  • Extensive range of thermal management solutions.
  • Programs managed using APQP framework.
  • Comprehensive fleet of FEA and CFD software.
  • Fully equipped test lab for validation testing.
  • Performance and durability test equipment.
  • ISO 9001 / 14001 and IATF 16949 certification.


Dedicated Engineering research with a wide range of materials including specialty stainless steels.


We have many projects around the world ranging from development to extending plant-life.  We offer installation and in-field service resources world-wide to eliminate downtime.

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