Turbo Oil Drain Tube Assemblies

Turbo Oil Drain Tube Assemblies

Senior Flexonics Engineers and manufactures fluid transfer tubes, including turbo oil drain tube assemblies, for the world’s leading brands. We understand metal characteristics and their inherent benefits of one vs. the other. With decades of field data and applied experience we can assist you with complex 3D geometries and customize the flexibility vs. stiffness of the tube to meet installation constraints.

Senior Flexonics’ production facilities are equipped with an extensive range of dedicated tooling for bending including advanced multi-axis Computer Numeric Control (CNC) bending machines. Some of these manufacturing cells are augmented by robotics for large production runs of OEM parts.

We are familiar with all standard turbo oil drain tube fittings and are able to offer custom end fittings as required by the manufacturer.


Stainless Steel Turbo Oil Drain Tube Features:

  • Better durability
  • Better corrosion resistant properties
  • Improved wear properties
  • Wide material selection


  • Diesel


  • Turbo Oil Drain Tubes
  • Annular Turbo Oil Drain Tubes